Press release

The emoji redesign project

A redesign project of the world most famous pictograms by Vittorio Perotti and Giulia Zoavo.
By now, Emojis are part of our everyday life: we send them in texts, but they also appear in advertising, social networks, memes and so on. But have you ever felt like their style does not represent you anymore? They did. And given that they are two stubborn and enthusiastic designers, they started to consider doing them on their own.


That was the challenge: redesign the current Emojis, maintaining their meaning and soul, but changing their appearance, giving them a contemporary style. Fresh, flat and simple: these were the three keywords they kept in mind during our work.
845 Emojis later and here we are. Every icon was carefully designed, respecting pixels and grids.

From monkeys to trains, from places to food, from people to symbols: discover how they redesigned your favorite Emojis at

But that’s not all: their goal, now, is to see this Emojis on every phone.
If you want to know more or just say hello, write at